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Tank Level Indicator


  • $289.00

- Monitor your tank and consumption conveniently from the comfort of your "living room".
- Ultrasonic level sensor with integrated radio transmitter (non-contact sensor, no mechanical parts)
- Digital radio transmitter (range up to 150m).
- Measures tanks up to 19,999 liters
- Fits standard 2", 1¼" and 1½" threaded openings.
- The optional external antenna (approx. 9 m cable between sensor and wireless module) allows installation in underground tanks, manholes, inaccessible areas or radio dead zones.
- Indication of the liquid level in centimeters
- Indication of the liquid level in liters and percent.
- A graphical representation of the tank using a bar graph (sensor and monitor).
- Ambient temperature
- Low level warning
- Battery status alarm
- Suitable for any type or size of tank

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