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Rainwater Harvesting System Stainless Steel 10,000 litre - Home and Garden


  • $11,950.00

Rainwater Harvesting for whole-home use in a 10,000l stainless steel tank, everything you need to collect, filter and reuse rainwater around your house.

It consists of 2 x 5000 liter stainless steel tank with a preinstalled PURAIN filter with calmed inlet. The rainwater is pre-filtered through the self-cleaning, highly efficient PURAIN filter before it is fed to the tank. The inlet calmer prevents swirling of floor sediments. The skimmer overflow of the PURAIN filter removes the surface contaminants. The built-in backflow valve prevents the intrusion of small animals and contaminants. The efficient RAINMASTER Favorit 20 SC draws the cleanest water from the tank via a floating suction filter and supplies precious, clean, and soft rainwater to the consumers such as toilets, washing machine and garden systems. It switches over to mains water supply if there is not enough rainwater in the tank. The RAINMASTER Favorit 20SC can be installed almost anywhere in the house.

This system is ideal for the supply of toilets, washing machines and also irrigation systems.

A building and/or resource consent might be required; please check with your local council.

Supply only - Installation can be arranged on request.

  • 5000 ltr tank
    • Material:                                              stainless steel, 304 S/S
    • Dimensions (Ø x H):                           1700 x 2460 mm
    • Weight:                                                91 kg
    • Inspection lid Ø:                                  400
  • PURAIN PF100 Filter
    • Low maintenance
    • sturdy design
    • Mesh size:                                           0.8mm
  • PLURAFIT inlet calmer
  • Floating suction device with coarse filter 1”
  • Wall bushings DN 100
  • RAINMASTER Favorit 20 speed control
    • max. working pressure: 4,5 bar
    • max. flow rate: 80 l/min
    • speed control
    • especially durable, quiet and economical
    • multiple pumping system as duplex or triplex system possible
    • incl. 5 meter hose 1" 

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