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Fill level indicator RAINMASTER D24

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  • $397.75

    The RAINMASTER D 24 is a fill level indicator for water tanks of a depth up to 3 m It can be mounted in a convenient viewing place in the house. For rainwater systems using a submersible pump, the Rainmaster D 24 can automatically operate a magnetic valve, controlling the supply of mains water top-up to the tank, should the rainwater level in the tank run low.

    The fill status is measured, via means of capacitance, by a sturdy PTFE Sensor cable. This is hung from the top of the tank. The setting of the respective tank water height (top and bottom) levels is done via digital calibration using two buttons on the main unit. The switching range for supplemental mains water supply by a magnetic valve is at approx. 2.5 % of the measuring range, so that the flow of mains water is only activated when required. The mains water inlet supply is time-monitored, so that any possible malfunction is prevented. A further automatic protection switch prevents the calcification of valves by regularly opening the valves, for a few seconds at a time, to clear any build-up.

    • Fill level indicator for water tanks of a depth up to 3 m
    • Clear LED display from 0 bis 100 %
    • LED display of supplement supply point
    • Supplemental supply point can be adjusted to any height
    • Power supply : 24 V DC / max. 15 W


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