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Wastewater Heat Recovery SYSTEMS

Wastewater heat recovery  is the use of a heat exchanger to recover energy and reuse heat from drain water from any activity where warm water is discharged into the drain, such as showers or dish-washing. For a regular household, water heating is usually the highest source of energy demand.  Installing a wastewater heat recycler can reduce total energy consumption by 15-25%!

Smart technology which reduces energy consumption for water heating.

Wagner Solar ECOShower range – Showers, Dishwashers for Residential, Light Commercial, Hotels.

Heat recovery with the ECOShower is simple and intuitive: The heat contained in the shower wastewater is passed through the heat exchanger and transferred to the inflowing cold water. The pre-heated water is supplied to the cold water supply of the faucet. (See image above.) The ECOShower generally pays for itself in two – three years in an average family home.