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AQUALOOP growth bodies 30 litres

AQUALOOP growth bodies 30 litres

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    Special floating elements with large surface, required for the biodegradation stage in the AQUALOOP water treatment system.

    • floating elements
    • large surface
    • special geometry
    • 30 ltr 

    After coarse filtration, the water is immediately routed into the membrane reactor located in the same storage tank. A continuous biodegradation is carried out by bacteria in the aerated fluidized bed. A few weeks after start-up, they automatically settle on the AQUALOOP growth bodies - special floating elements with a large surface area. Air, needed for optimal oxygen supply to the biological helpers - the bacteria, comes from the membrane unit and the blower. This technology has been used successfully for years in small treatment plants. The floating elements automatically clean themselves of excess sludge through their movement as well as their special shape and therefore remain virtually maintenance-free. Dead biomass is regularly expelled through the suction overflow of the AQUALOOP’s preliminary filter as the filter flow is interrupted to force a planned overflow. This leads to continuous improvement of the water quality in the storage tank.


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