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AQUALOOP membrane station and controller

AQUALOOP membrane station and controller

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The AQUALOOP membrane station can be equipped with a maximum of 6 membrane cartridges. The station is vertically positioned in the contaminated water tank and is attached to the permeate hose. The membrane station is equipped with weights, depending on the number of installed membranes so that it remains stable during activation of the blower. The installed pump uniformly draws the water through the membranes for cleansing and sends it via the permeate hose to the clean water tank. The length of the permeate hose (see accessories Horizon ½" hose) can be a maximum of 3 m height within the tank to ensure adequate pumping pressure. The membrane is automatically cleaned (from a back-flushing container located above the pump) at regular intervals to guarantee a long, high flow operating life. In addition to this, the membrane is periodically flushed with air in order to free the fibres from deposits. For this purpose the membrane station has a hose connection, to which a blower is connected to. The air is uniformly distributed to the connected membranes via an insert with symmetrical distribution terminals. Multiple AQUALOOP membrane stations can be connected in parallel for larger water treatment plants.


 A controller is provided for every membrane station. This fully automatically controls the AQUALOOP water treatment plant. The operating status can be easily read from an illuminated LCD display.


Membrane station

  • membrane station for up to 6 membranes 

Control unit

  • built-in electrical regulation of pumps, depending on the number of membranes used, saves energy and increases service life
  • smart controller adjusts the required quantity as per the need for saving energy
  • automatic back-flushing mode for low-maintenance operation
  • automatic sludge disposal to minimize maintenance
  • mode change of clean water storage tank
  • different modes can be selected
  • automatic vacation mode
  • automatic display of maintenance mode
  • automatic maintenance mode
  • optional pressure sensor for monitoring function
  • low voltage operation with small systems
  • connection for controlling supplemental supply in domestic water works



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