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PLURAFIT Substrate for metal roofs and traffic

PLURAFIT Substrate for metal roofs and traffic


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Rain water drained from roofs and traffic areas are one of the main sources for contamination of surface water, groundwater and soil. The main pollutants, such as heavy metals and petroleum-derived hydrocarbons as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are often present in rainwater in the form of dissolved molecules which are not effectively separated by traditional filter systems and rainwater retention basins. 

The following parameters must be taken into consideration while constructing such fixed bed adsorber:

  • pH-range of the water to be treated: 5 – 10
  • Fill level of the Adsorption medium: min. 0.2 m, max. 5 m
  • Filter speed: 5 – 20 m/h (optimum: 10 m/h)
  • Contact time, with empty receptacle: at least 2.5 min.

PLURAFIT PF 300 SUB-T + R is a substrate for the removal of arsenic, phosphorus, heavy metals and organic contaminants (mineral oils) based on iron hydroxide as part of rain water run-off treatment. The substrate is poured into the substrate cartridge 300 PF-SUB C. PLURAFIT substrate PF 300 SUB-T + R is able to remove substances dissolved in water through adsorption and to retain them permanently. Its high capacity for the above contaminants results in a long filter life and thus an optimal cleaning performance with minimal investment yield. 

Recommendation for substrate life time in m³ in years ( with 100m² and 500 mm rainfall / year

Effluent from :  

- Uncoated metal roof                                  301                         6

- Metal roof, copper                                       65                          1

- Metal roof, Zinc                                           33,5                        0,5

- inner city traffic zone                                   347                         7

  • Material:                                         Iron (III) oxide-hydrocide FeO(OH), Fe(OH)3
  • Purification of road runoff water
  • Purification of drain water from metal surfaces
  • Long lifetime
  • Is also used in DIBT (German Institute for Building Technology) approved facilities
  • Based on iron hydroxide
  • Adsorption capacity:
    • Arsenic, As:                                                                        7 – 9 g/kg
    • Zinc, Zn:                                                                               8 – 10 g/kg
    • Phosphorous, P:                                                               12 – 16 g/kg
    • Copper, Cu:                                                                        6 – 8 g/kg 
    • Petroleum-derived hydrocarbons: approx.                       20 g MKW/kg 

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