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Drinking Water from Rainwater System (House Rainwater Source) - Home and Garden


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Rainwater Harvesting for a home, everything you need to collect, filter and reuse rainwater around your house. (Main tank supplied by others.)

Quick Overview

  • saving of up to 100 % potable water
  • more independence from potable water supplier
  • suitable for showering and bathing
  • ideal for retrofitting existing rainwater harvesting systems
  • suitable for all types of tanks
  • ideal for the supply of all consumers in the dwelling
  • incl. highly efficient, self-cleaning PURAIN filter, skimmer, backflow valve and inlet calmer
  • incl. fully automatic DVGW-certified RAINMASTER Favorit pump and control unit with mains water top up
  • speed control, thereby 70% quieter, 40% less power consumption and 40% longer durability
  • soft and low lime rainwater
  • TOP quality

The package includes nearly all components for creating a perfect rainwater harvesting system except tanks and pipes, for the supply to larger dwellings and gardens. The rainwater is pre-filtered through the highly efficient PURAIN filter before it is fed to the tank. The skimmer overflow of the PURAIN filter removes the surface contaminants. The built-in backflow valve prevents the intrusion of small animals and contaminants. The inlet calmer prevents swirling of the bottom sediments. The rainwater is ultra-filtered with the AQUALOOP membrane station and routed to a clean water tank in the basement. The most economical and quiet RAINMASTER Favorit-SC draws the micro-filtered water from the clean water tank via a floating suction filter and supplies precious, clean, sterilised and lime-deficient rainwater to the water consumers such as toilets, washing machine, shower, bathtubs and garden systems. If there is not enough rainwater in the tank anymore, potable water is automatically sourced via the DVGW-tested RAINMASTER, that can be installed almost anywhere in the house.

The requirements of the EC directive "water intended for human consumption" are fulfilled, therefore the treated water can be used by private individuals (at home) for body care.


The inspection of the water quality, as well as the maintenance of the installation are the re­spon­si­bil­ity of the user. The water may only be used for your own use.

Drinking water from rainwater (House Rainwater Source)

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