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DRAINMAX SYSTEM for infiltration of rainwater for Commercial Dwellings



This product is available upon application. Contact us for a quote.

    We design rainwater infiltration and attenuation systems for commercial dwellings and properties. The rain- /stormwater from the connected areas is filtered by sedimentation, filtration and separator insertion upstream filter pits and then routed into the DRAINMAX Tunnel trench for subsequent infiltration into the ground. It is also possible to attenuate the water with slow release into the stormwater system.  The Tunnel trench is covered with a geotextile for protection from soil.


    Pipes and earth work not included.

    The size of an infiltration system is calculated depending on various parameters such as roofs, soil properties, etc.

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      It is with 1.6 m³ a large volume- and light plastic tray system that creates a hollow space in the soil. The rain water can be directly retained at the source and will infiltrate through the open soil and side holes.  This technology saves significant costs on laying complex piping systems. The DRAINMAX tunnel system can also be used for infiltration of effluent water from sewage plants.

      1: DRAINMAX tunnel 7: Sedimentation and filter pit
      2: Backfilling of tunnel from sides and top 8: Flushing pit
      3: Filter fabric 9: Rainwater inflow
      4: Tunnel cover 10: Ground water level
      5: Top layer 11: Base layer of filter fabric
      6: Distribution of rainwater  

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