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PLURAFIT Filter with substrate


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The PLURAFIT substrate filter chamber, used for removing arsenic, phosphorus, heavy metals and organic contaminants (mineral oils), is based on iron hydroxide as a part of rainwater treatment. The PF 300-SUB T+R substrate is poured into the PF 300-Sub C substrate cartridge, which is then set into the PF 300-100 Basis element. Only the substrate therefore needs to be replaced and not the entire cartridge for maintenance purposes. This minimizes maintenance costs. For instance, the PLURAFIT filter can be used as a pre-filter, with the sedimentation, filtration and separator inserts. 

If the filter is inserted into an upwards flow situation (advantage: low height offset and uniform substrate flow), the water flows through the substrate from the bottom upwards. A height offset of > 10 cm must be observed between the inlet and outlet in order to overcome the flow resistance in the substrate. Since the filter material may not be steady in the water, the filter must be drained via a small drainage outlet.

  • Cleaning of street drainage water
  • Cleaning of drainage water from metallic surfaces
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Long lifetime

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