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AQUALOOP 200 - Greywater Recycling System for Hotels, Laundries, etc.



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Recycling Greywater and reusing it for secondary use (toilets, washing machines, irrigation) will save on precious potable water and also on sewage.

AQUALOOP is a modular system and can be designed to treat greywater for up to 200 people. Ideal for hotels, camping grounds, town houses and commercial projects.

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Greywater from shower, sink, and tub is collected in a bio-reactor, then treated by the AQUALOOP system and transferred to a clean water tank, from where it can be used for toilet flushing, washing machine and garden irrigation. Savings on mains water and sewerage of between 30-40%. The AQUALOOP membrane station can be equipped with multiple filtering membranes.

SAMPLE SYSTEM: AQUALOOP PURAIN 150/200 pre-filter, Greywater external storage tank, 4 x AQUALOOP membrane stations fitted with six membranes each, 4 x blowers, Clean water storage tank, 3 x RAINMASTER Favorit 40 SC Triplex pump and control units operating independently, with a 500 Litre expansion tank.

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