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AQUALOOP membrane

AQUALOOP membrane

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    AQUALOOP membrane

    Special organic fibres are used in the patented MEM procedure, facilitating ultra- and micro-filtration for the treatment of any type of water. The basic principle of this filtration is the use of organic porous hollow fibre membranes with micro pores as filter medium. The fibres have an external diameter of less than 1 mm. Hundreds of fibres are bundled together, creating sufficient surface area and ensuring a constant flow rate. The module has a suction connection to filtered water and a compressed air connection to air fluid, through which the fibres are cleaned periodically.

    • Incl. connecting material
    • Ultra- and micro-filtration
    • Pore size of nominally 0,2 µm
    • The membrane is resistant to acid, alkaline and chlorine-containing detergents
    • Back-flushing with up to 3 bar.
    • Filter area: 6m2
    • Fibre material / - typ: PE / hollow fibre membrane
    • Temperature range: 0- 55°C
    • Economic life time: up to 10 years



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