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Charge pump for RAINMASTER Eco

Charge pump for RAINMASTER ECO

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  • $257.15

    Charge pump to work in conjunction with the RAINMASTER ECO.

    The pump boosts the intake performance of RM Eco, so that an intake level of additional 3 m can be attained.

    The charging pump unit is installed at the end of the intake line. The charging pump hangs on a float and moves up and down with the level of water in the tank. Thus water is always drawn from the cleanest area, just below the water surface.

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 125 mm x 57 mm x 83 mm
    • Power supply input: 24 V DC
    • Power intake: 20 W
    • Max. pressure height: 3.2 m
    • Max. volume flow rate: 25 l / min
    • Pressure connection / hose connection: ½“ AG / Ø 14 mm
    • Cable length x Cross section: 5 m x Ø 5 mm
    • Protection class: IP68 

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