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Backflushing nozzle for all PR-150 up to 400

Backflushing nozzle for all PR-150 up to 400

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  • $164.65

Backflushing nozzle for automatic cleaning for all PURAIN filter PR-150 up to 400.

For large filters, we recommend the backflushing nozzles to minimize the intervals of manual maintenance. The backflushing nozzle is installed in PURAIN rainwater filters behind the sieve. The mounting components required for this are included. The water required for backflushing can either be supplied manually through a tap or automatically via a time-controlled solenoid valve.

 Note: The electronic control of the solenoid valve is integrated in the AQUALOOP control unit. We recommend deployment of two backflushing nozzles for PR-300 and PR-400 filters.

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