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PLURAFIT Filter with filter foam


  • $229.14

The PLURAFIT filter with filter foam can be used for cleaning garden ponds and in several other water filtering applications.

The filter foam with coarse pores is easily inserted in the PF 300-S chamber in the direction of flow before the fine-pored filter basket. It can be easily removed again for cleaning purposes. The incoming water is cleaned both mechanically and biologically via the filter foam.

With the PLURAFIT filter with foam, the emergency overflow can be routed via a pipe insert in the slot of the filter foam or through the opposite connection.

For instance, while using in a pond, a sewage pump extracts the pond water from the deepest position and sends through the PLURAFIT filter intake. Water is returned to the pond after cleaning by the filter. Depending on the degree of contamination or cleaning requirement, a PLURAFIT Filter with sedimentation, filter and separator insert can be connected and a PLURAFIT filter with cartridge can be installed downstream.

  • Mechanical and biological water purification
  • Built-in emergency overflow
  • 2-stage foam filter
  • Easy mounting and maintenance 

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