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PLURAFIT Filter with sedimentation-, filter- and separation insertion


  • $303.57

The PLURAFIT filter with sedimentation, filtration and separation insertion is mostly installed for the preliminary cleaning of the water runoff from slightly loaded surfaces before the rain water infiltration system. The contaminant particles of the inflowing water settle in the inserted filter basket. The water then flows in an upward direction through a submersible stainless steel sieve in the overflow. Fats and oils are separated outside the submersible elbow. Either the stainless steel sieve, or the entire insert, can be removed for maintenance purposes. The filter basket with the collected dirt can then be easily emptied.very good cleaning performance

  • Very easy installation
  • Incl. filter basket for removal of sediments
  • Incl. removable stainless steel filter sieve
  • Ideal for rainwater infiltration systems
  • Minimum maintenance expenses
  • Long lifetime

 Calculation of the duct value according to ATV DVWK 153 with various quantities of runoff rainwater. 

Duct value D Quantity of runoff rainwater A red

  • 0.8                          15 l/s ha                               433 m²
  • 0.7                          30 l/s ha                               217 m²
  • 0.65                        45 l/s ha                               144 m²

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