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Water Treatment System Full House / Bore or Town Supply Water


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Ensures that your water supply inside your house is free of bacteria and most viruses.

System is suitable for a household for up to 4 inhabitants, bigger systems are available on request. Please contact: 

System consist of:

2x 500 ltr plastic tanks, suitable for potable water (different sizes and material available)

1x AQUALOOP membrane and station including controller, sufficient to produce up to 1500 ltr of bacteria free water each day, life expectancy of up to 10 years

1x ALOAQUA Pump kit 80 ltr/min incl. accessories

The Water Treatment system Full House, consists of 2  x 500 liter tank. Dependable on the water source is it either toped up (mains water supply) or pumped via a submersible pump (bore or surface water)  into the reactor tank.

An AQUALOOP membrane station including membrane and controller sterilizes the rainwater and transfers it to the adjacent 500 ltr tank. The membrane holds back 99.9999% of all bacteria and also 99.7 of all viruses.

The efficient ALOAQUA Pump kit draws the cleanest water from the tanks via a floating suction filter and supplies the water to the consumers such as showers, bath etc.

A building and/or resource consent might be required; please check with your local council. 

Supply only - Installation can be arranged on request.

A range of different tank sizes and materials, including stainless steel are available on request.

  • 2 x 500 ltr tank (black)
    • Dimensions (Ø x H):                        840 x 1257 mm
    • Weight:                                            19 kg
    • Approved and compliant with:          AS/NZS 4766:2006
    • Inspection lid Ø:                               400
    • UV stabilized
  • AQUALOOP membrane and controller
  • Floating suction device with coarse filter ½”
  • ALOAQUA Pumping kit
    • max. working pressure: 4,5 bar
    • max. flow rate: 80 l/min
    • speed control
    • especially durable, quiet and economical

Not included:

-  mains supply water top up  -   Refill unit 230 V 1/2" with floating switch


- submersible pump including floating switches  - Submersible stainless steel pump up to 250 litres min, Hmax 10 m

Please contact us for your exact requirement. 


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