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Gravity driven system for drinking water treatment

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C-MEM Zero is a portable gravity driven system for drinking water treatment without electric power and without the application of chemicals, which is based on the C-MEM hollow fibre membrane filtration.


  • households, schools, hostels
  • camping sites / military camps
  • emergency assistance
  • disaster operation


  • no electricity necessary
  • small footprint
  • easy installation and start-up
  • complete removal of suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, helminth eggs (membrane barrier)
  • long lifetime of equipment, cheap and easy replacement
  • no additional chemicals necessary, except chlorine tablets
  • robust process, no fine mechanical parts

C MemC mem zero

We have learned from the deficiencies of other drinking water treatment technologies and have refined these technologies.

The following features prove this and hence clearly speak for C-MEM Zero:

  • Transportable system - hence can be used in all places where clean drinking water is needed urgently and quickly.
  • Operation without electricity - hence independent of power supply.
  • Operation without chemicals - hence more environmentally friendly and healthier.

Further product development C-MEM Zero

It is now also available with a downstreams active carbon unit as well as with a solar driven inlet pump.

By adsorption C-MEM Zero Active Carbon removes contamination from water which cannot be removed by filtration e.g. pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals etc.

C-MEM Zero Solar replaces the manual filling of the raw water tank by a solar driven pump and is therefore an additional user-friendly option of C-MEM Zero.

More information available from:      + 64 3 2600589

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