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Greywater Recycling in Auckland

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The renovation of an old villa in Devonport / Auckland was the perfect opportunity to upgrade the plumbing- and storm water system. Tony Koia from Koia Architects Ltd  decided to go a step further and future proof the house with a rainwater harvesting and a greywater recycling system from ALOAQUA Ltd

Greywater recycling

Bathroom greywater (bath, tub and sink) will be collected in a tank, treated with the AQUALOOP system and reused for flushing toilets, the washing machine and irrigation. Thus saving between 30-40% of potable water and sewage.

Rainmaster Eco 10

The RAINMASTER ECO 10 pumping and control unit supplies the treated water to the end users. It switches over to mains water if not enough treated water is available without any loss of comfort for the home owner. 

A rainwater harvesting system, also part of the renovation, filters and collects the run-off from the roof in an in-ground rainwater tank.

Rainwater Harvesting

A pumping unit and UV system will be used to supply the treated water to the house.

More information available;            +64 32600 589

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