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Sustainability in Christchurch - Potable water from rainwater - and Greywater Recycling System

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The owners of a newly build home in Christchurch decided to be truly sustainable and added a Potable Water from Rainwater -  and a Greywater Recycling System to their home.


Potable Water from Rainwater System

Rainwater collected from the roof of the house is pre-filtered via a PURAIN filter and collected in a 10000 ltr tank. The integrated  AQUALOOP water treatment system micro filtrates (0.2 micron) the rainwater and transfers it to a separate 500 ltr holding tank. The speed controlled RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC 20 pumping and control unit supplies the house with the micro filtrated rain water and maintains a pre-set pressure in the line. The unit will switch over to mains supply if not enough rainwater is available and back to rainwater if it has rained again, all by itself. Thus only using the mains water supply that is required. No tank top up! 

All the potable water supply, regardless if it is filtered rain- or mains water is treated with a UV system, thus eliminating any bacteria or viruses that could enter via the mains supply.

AQUALOOP controllerAQUALOOP controller

Greywater Recycling System

The bathroom greywater is pre-filtered and collected in a 500 ltr tank. The integrated AQUALOOP System is treating the greywater, breaking down organic compounds, micro filtrates (0.2 microns) the water and transfers it to a seperate 500 ltr holding tank. 

Greywater Recycling System AQUALOOPRAINMASTER FAVORIT SC 20RAINMASTER ECO 10A RAINMASTER ECO 10, pumping and control unit, supplies toilets, the washing machine and an outdoor tap with recycled bathroom greywater, thus saving up to 40% on potable water.

This AQUALOOP system is the one of many greywater system in Christchurch , Auckland, Queenstown, Tauranga etc, etc.  the only NSF/ANSI 350 Class C certified system on the market.

Membranes have a life expectancy of up to 10 years with minimum maintenance requirements. The system was also tested by the Rainwater Harvesting Centre at Massey University Wellington. It is modular and can be sized from small domestic up to big commercial applications (life style, hotels, motels, camping grounds, swimming centers, laundries, office blocks, gyms etc, etc.).

About NSF/ANSI 350 (Class C)
NSF certification assures fantastic water quality and reliable, nearly maintenance-free system for application in commercial scales. The key to the certification of AQUALOOP according to NSF is the patented ultrafiltration membrane cartridge that prevents bacteria transfer and minimizes maintenance frequency with its special design.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products, we would be glad to answer them.

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