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Water recycling from Alaska to Los Angeles / Laundry waste water - Grey water

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INTEWA CEO and owner Oliver Ringelstein and Bob Drew from Ecovie, the exclusive INTEWA representative for the USA, led a whirlwind trip from Alaska to Los Angeles. The first stop was at a laundromat in Alaska. Here AQUALOOP technology allows for the reuse of the laundromat wastewater together with shower water. Even though in Alaska there is water everywhere the prices in this location are particularly high. Lack of supply and quality problems exist with the available water. AQUALOOP technology allows the operator to have the best water quality and a fast system amortization.


Drinking water from rainwater                    RAINMASTER DUPLEX                    

with AQUALOOP ultrafiltration                   pumping and control unit

The next stops on the west coast trip included Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Due to the continual droughts in this area greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting, and wastewater reuse are themes of increasing importance. With the only NSF/ANSI 350 Class C certification INTEWA systems meet the stringent requirements for the region.

AQUALOOP greywater Recycling

The greywater system installed at the famous Eatalyin Los Angeles was showcased in an earlier newsletter, but the system is so interesting that we would like to show it off again. The system is special in that it is presented in a large, descriptive showcase in the middle of the luxury foodie complex.


This groundbreaking system is the first greywater system in the City of Los Angeles permitted for indoor water use. The recycled greywater is used for toilet flushing and spray irrigation. The system runs with the AQUALOOP, the only NSF/ANSI 350 Class C certified system on the market.
About NSF/ANSI 350 (Class C)
NSF certification assures fantastic water quality and reliable, nearly maintenance-free system for application in commercial scales. The key to the certification of AQUALOOP according to NSF is the patented ultrafiltration membrane cartridge that prevents bacteria transfer and minimizes maintenance frequency with its special design.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products, we would be glad to answer them.

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