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Greywater Recycling System AQUALOOP in Tauranga

Posted by MARTIN PFAFF on

Owners of a small lifestyle block on the outskirts of Tauranga decided that a Greywater Recycling System is the way forward to futureproof their house. Aqualoop   

Bathroom greywater from shower, tub and sink is collected in a 500 ltr tank, treated via the AQUALOOP system, transferred into a 500 ltr clear water tank and reused for flushing toilets and irritation when required. Thus saving on precious potable water.

Installed in  the enclosure is the pumping unit RAINMASTER ECO, AQUALOOP Blower and the AQUALOOP controller. 2 x 500 ltr tanks are installed behind the enclosure.

Aauallop treatment tankAQUALOOP clear water tank




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