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Rainwater-the blue gold?

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Droughts, heavy rainfalls, flooding, nitrate, chemicals and bacteria in public water supply systems, sewage on the beach...these are headlines that are frequently in the news.


Using rainwater for flushing toilets and washing machines is maybe something new in New Zealand, but is already standard in most European and other countries. Solutions using rainwater for various applications offer new possibilities for property owners, developers and councils.

Rainwater is of such good quality that it can be used as potable water, with the right technology. No bacteria, nitrate and chemicals and instead soft water which causes no calcification in pipes, hot water cylinders and on surfaces.

Mitigating the effect of storm water run off from properties, by retaining and using it on site, reducing the volume of potable water use and offering new areas of work for installers.

potable water

Examples of rainwater harvesting and utilization systems:

One manufacturer of rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling equipment in Germany has started to brew it's own beer from rainwater (Brain - to showcase how good it taste (I had a bottle and it taste really nice).

Brain rainwater beer


Rainwater attenuation, - retention

The increase of sealed surfaces in urban areas put additional pressure on the existing stormwater infrastructure. More and more councils require now rainwater attenuation/ retention systems to be installed for new developments. Innovative systems that are cost effective, space saving and require low maintenance are already used in densely populated areas in Europe. More information: Rainwater attenuation/ retention

 stromwater attenuation

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