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Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting in Christchurch

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Handover to the clients is coming up for this beautiful new dwelling located in the hills of Christchurch. Passive house design, careful selection of materials for the inside and outside, underfloor heating and solar panels will make this a healthy and sustainable home.

The installation of a combined Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting system from ALOAQUA will save on potable water and sewage. In addition the rainwater tank helps to minimize the impact of the property on surface flooding. Greywater is available everyday and it makes perfect sense to capture, treat and reuse it for secondary use (toilets, irrigation, cleaning).

Combined Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting System

Greywater collected from the bathrooms (sink, tub, shower) is collected and treated in a 500 ltr tank via the AQUALOOP system. The tertiary treatment (pre-filtration, aeration and membrane filtration) eliminates all coarse particles, bacteria (99.9999%) and virus (99.7%).  The treatment process is monitored and controlled via the AQUALOOP controller which initiates each step of the process.

Aqualoop Controller

The treated water is filtered through the membrane (0.2micons) and transferred into the rainwater tank after the required treatment time. The membrane is back-flushed in regular intervals in order to open up any clogged openings. The expected lifecycle of the membrane is 10 years.

.Aqualoop Membrane

The Rainwater collected from the roof is filtered via the PURAIN filter and added to the tank (5000 ltr) via the calmed inlet from the PLURAFIT range. 

The pumping and control unit RAINMASTER FAVORIT SC20 ensures a steady and reliable water flow to the points of use (toilet and outdoor taps). The unit switches over, by itself, to mains water supply if the water level in the tank reaches a critical low level and back again if the water level rises again. No interruption to the clients at all!

Rainmaster Favorit

A great system that will significantly lower the ecological footprint of this property but will also enable the owners to have water available during restrictions, drought or in emergency situations.

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